CHristine Prete, PRC, IAC, SARC (cont.) CLC, CARCII


About Christine

I applaud you for taking a step toward healing yourself.   I am honored to work with couples experiencing the aftermath of betrayal, addicted spouses actively seeking recovery, partners seeking healing and those that are experiencing relationships that are "off" even after so much work has been done.

If you are a Betrayed Partner, you are living in the aftermath of trauma. Christine is a professional with an in-depth understanding of betrayal trauma, the effect it has on your psychological, physical and spiritual life and the healing from that pain that you seek. Her methodology includes mindfully guiding you through the processes of recognition, acceptance and understanding into healing. Some areas of focus are:

· Self-confidence and Self-Assurance Building

· Understanding and Recognizing Gaslighting

· Setting Boundaries and Consequences

· Learning to “Believe Behaviors”

· Healthy Couples Conversational Skills

· Effective Tools to Move Forward

· How to get “Unstuck”

· Disclosure and Preparation

· Discovering Who You Are and Want to Be Moving Forward

Christine also enjoys working with individuals and/or couples experiencing intimacy issues also known as “Intimacy Anorexia” (ref. D. Weiss, Ph.D.) Have you ever felt like you were alone even though you are in a relationship? Maybe more like roommates than a couple? You may be experiencing components of intimacy anorexia. It is a rough road for a couple, but Christine offers expertise in defining, addressing and working through the issues utilizing a variety of tools.

“Even looking at the common components can finally put a name to what’s been going on in the marriage. That brings it to something that can be worked through and healed from.”

Sexual/Porn Addiction is an issue plaguing our society and those seeking freedom are not only helping themselves, but also honoring the pain bestowed on their partners/families. There is indeed hope for addicts reaching out for recovery and Christine’s wealth of knowledge and professional AASAT training in this area can help move you through the process in a constructive, meaningful way. Addiction is a strong adversary, and help fighting it is available through a multitude of tools.

Christine lives in MD with her husband and family.   Christine has previously worked as a National Corporate Trainer, a business executive and currently as owner of The Healing Change, LLC. She has a strong spiritual belief and happily incorporates that into client work when requested

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